My First Internet Commercial

Hi everyone sorry its been a while since I updated my site but I have been all sorts of busy. Here is something I have been working on for a local college who wanted a presenter who could communicate with year ten pupils so I gave it a try.

It was great fun working with students and staff who were really friendly

Hope you like it.

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Fancy Dress Party as a Cowgirl


You can’t beat a good fancy dress party. Had to borrow my Grandads hat but I had the rest of the stuff.

Had a great time. Got the riding the Bucking Bronco prize for staying on the longest. The only downside is I face planted the floor when I came off. Luckily it didn’t hurt that much and no bruises which is always a bonus.

Laters folks.

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Photoshoot in Manchester



I did my first pro photoshoot in Manchester this week. I was really nervous but the Photographer who was French was really nice although I found difficult sometimes to tell what he was saying.

He gave me some very useful feedback and I think I need to work on my left and right skills, you would think by this age I would know the difference! Oh well.

They took some great pictures and the photo editor said I was extremely photogenic, polite and he said what was really important is that I was punctual and ready to start work.

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My first interview with an agency in London


Hi Everyone

Its been a very eventful couple of weeks. Since the launch of my website we have had offers from all types if agencies who would like me to work with them.

You have to be careful though because some are just out to get you to sign up for a fee and have photographs done by them. My mum has carefully researched all of them and the one that stands out above all the others and they want to meet me on Monday in London. Very scary stuff.

So its an early start on Monday for me and my mum we will drive down to Watford and then get on the train to central London.

I will let you know how it goes when I get back.

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Launch of my new website –

Hi Guys

My new website is now up and running, its handy having a geek for a grandad who can do techie things. I have a feeling he will want paying when I get busy haha!

So here are my favourite 10 shots. If you want to contact me please use the contact box on the website and we will get back to you asap